About Ad Astra Events LLC

About Ad Astra Events LLC

Being engaged should not be a stressful, nail-biting epidemic. Getting married should be a celebration of love, joy, and happiness! Ad Astra has cultivated a streamlined process that removes the guesswork from the planning process. Anyone can find a wedding planning checklist or a budget tracker online.

But because no two weddings are the same, all checklists, documents, and spreadsheets that Ad Astra creates goes through a differentiating customization process. Combining these with strategically planned meetings ensures that you’ll have an all-encompassing awareness of you objectives giving you no more and no less than what you need to have a wedding that has your guests walking away in awe of how totally “you” it was.

About Maggie Burns
Owner & Lead Planner

Having studied Mathematics in college, Maggie typically says her undergrad experience was overkill when compared to the event planning certification process. But her eye for logistics was sharpened during that time and she wouldn’t trade it for anything. With nearly a decade of event planning experience, Maggie finds true joy when she sees clients totally digging the planning process. After all, who doesn’t love when someone enjoys what they’re passionate about?

Maggie Burns